Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LocateME - Broadcast your location


A simple Location Based Service (LBS) application that will -
  • Send your location (GPS coordinates, street address/intersection) via Email or Twitter
  • Display the local time in the local timezone (useful when traveling)


  • Ever had to pickup someone in your car and had to call them when you were close to their location? No need to call anymore - just fire up LocateME and direct it to send a email to the receipient with your location information.
  • Ever wondered if your child is safe? Give them a GPS enabled blackberry, fire up LocateME, and set it to send you email's with your child's location.
  • Ever wondered what the current time of the place was when you were traveling? Blackberry doesn't make it easy, does it? Start LocateME to find out what the current time and timezone is of your present location.
  • So you want eveyone to know where you are - Twitter your location to all or a select list, with as much or as little information.

  • A Blackberry phone with OS 4.2 or greater
  • Unlimited data plan with email and internet capabilities
  • GPS enabled phone a huge plus

  • Utilizes the GPS capabilities of the phone if available
  • Can approximate the location using CellID if GPS capability not available
  • Full configurability of the broadcasted message
  • Displays local time and timezone
  • Broadcasts location through email or Twitter

  • Fire Eagle support
  • Twitter OAuth authentication support